UD as Album Covers

University of Dayton themed album covers I created for the school's social media accounts. Incorporated the school's mascot, logo, and athletes into designs. Created using Photoshop.

Dayton Independent Film Festival

Promotional images for Dayton's yearly independent film festival. Variety of Instagram posts and stories to post throughout the year to generate interest for the festival. Created using Canva and Photoshop.

Invisible Car

Collection of photos test driving the "Google Prototype Car." Shot with the help of my brothers and friends in Pittsburgh and Dayton.  Retouched in Lightroom and 
edited in Photoshop.

Lowes Fest

Promotional images I created to promote a music festival I organized and hosted. I booked four bands to play on a two stage area over the time span of four hours. Each photo was posted a day apart leading up to the event to create hype around the event. Created using Photoshop.