About Me

Hi there! I'm Ellis Dunn, a dedicated Media Production student at the University of Dayton, specializing in cinematography and video editing. With a passion for creative storytelling and engaging visuals, I'm committed to delivering impactful media experiences that resonate with audiences. 

I am currently pursuing a B.A. in Media Production with a minor in Film Studies. I currently hold a 3.65 cumulative GPA with my most recent semester being a 4.0. With an expected graduation in May 2025, I'm excited to leverage my skills and experiences to make a meaningful impact in the industry.

Ellis Dunn at Dayton Independent Film Festival Pitch Fest
Ellis at the Dayton Independent Film Festival's Pitch Fest


Video Editing Assistant
University of Dayton Campus Tour (2024)
We Soar! University of Dayton Spot (2023)

Social Media Specialist
Dayton as Album Covers (2024)
Eclipse on UD Chapel (2024)

Dayton Independent Film Festival (2024)
Invisible Car (2022)

Video Production Class at UD
Night of the Living Potato Head (2023)
Vitamin Water - Director's Cut (2023)

Lighting Class at UD
I'm Not Real - Mac Miller (2023)
2001: A Flavor Odyssey (2023)
Dialed In - AirPods Pro (2023)
PSYCHO (2023)

Editing Class at UD
Lirium (2023)


      LinkedIn Learning
      Media Composer 2020 Essential Training: 101 Fundamentals 1 (2024)

      Premiere Pro for Self-Taught Editors (2023)
      Premiere Pro for Social Media Content (2023)

      Learning Cinematography: 1 Narrative Fundamentals (2023)
      Learning Cinematography: 2 Working on Set (2023)
      Learning Cinematography: 3 Hands on Techniques (2023)

      Virtual Apprentice: Being a Great Production Assistant (2023)


      Greg Kennedy, Film Professor

      "Ellis is a dedicated student with strong work ethics. He goes above and beyond what most students consider excellent work, knowing that his work is a large representation of himself."

      Dave Gray, CDG Sports

      "Ellis is a perceptive, sharp, quick individual with a high level of organizational output. He is driven to understand how and what makes team members motivated and inspired."